The list of quotes from selected author
The form is used for selection of quotes from selected author. That means chain selection from authors of quotes. At first write surname in the inquiry and eventually for better specification first letter of first name. There is no distiction between lower and upper case letters in written name of author. Use only one space between surname and first letter of first name. There is no option to distinguish between authors with the same signature in the list of quotes, this problem is solved at selected authors in the task List of authors. After clicking on the letter D(detail) is opened new window with detailed information of the quote. The blue tinged PDF means that there is added summary or whole article to the quote. Because of potential making mistakes while define seek criteria, the selection is limited up to 1000 quotes. The selection is sort in alphabetic order by type of quote, year of publication and title of quote. Description of the detail of the quote is placed in the proposition Questions and instuctions/Description of the form Detail of the quote. Zdena Vacíková,
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