The quote of the chosen taxon
The form consist of the list of quotes of the chosen taxon. In the case of extensive list it is possibe to make additional filtration in the bookmark Filtr. The whole list of chosen quotes is depending on the quality of assigned taxons to the quotes. You can see more information to the using particular item of the filter in the menu Service / Questions and instructions / General settings of filters by quotes. Zdena Vacikova
 YearAuthorQuotationObsaženo v (In:)Typ pub.Typ cit.DPDF
 1990zs G. F. Bačurin, V. M. Meľničuk: Flora mochiv Ukrainskoi RSR. Andrievi, brievi. vol. 4. Rozsáhlé floristické zpracování veškerých mechů Ukrajinské republiky. Miscellaneous: G.F. Bačurin, V.M. Meľničuk: Flora Mochov Ukrainskie RSR. Andrei, Breivik. vol. 4. Extensive floristic treatment of all moss Republic of Ukraine. Bryonora 5 : 13 . strana Bryonora RecenzeDPDF
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